Limited Event: Wedding Photoshoot in Bali

Special Time! Photoshoot in Japanese Attire with the Charm of Bali as the Backdrop.

We have launched a limited-time event for photoshoots in the cool resort villas surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of Bali, Indonesia. Enjoy a blissful moment woven by the pleasant nature of Bali at a leisurely pace, and we offer an unforgettable photography experience.

Furisode Kimono, Black Montsuki Hakama, Beauty Dressing, Photo Shoot for Approximately 2 Hours, Guaranteed 200 Photos
(Includes all necessary undergarments and accessories for dressing)

“Fulfill a Lifetime Memory in Bali”

With the motto “Bringing the beauty of Japan to the world,” our team of Japanese bridal professionals, “OBI,” is pleased to announce that, thanks to your support, we will be holding our fourth photo session abroad, following successful events in Australia, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

This time, our photo team will be waiting for you in Bali, Indonesia. From preparation to photography, please leave everything—kimono, beauty, and photos—to us. You can enjoy the perfect fusion of a traditional Japanese bridal look and the exotic locale.

Here is one of the villas available for the photo shoot! →LINK


Full set of Furisode Kimono, full set of Black Montsuki Hakama, beauty and dressing services, about 2 hours of photo shooting, and a guarantee of 200 data images.

Shooting location: Southern Bali Island
*Please note that travel expenses such as airfare and accommodation are not included.
*Payment will be made in advance by bank transfer. We will send you a payment link via email after you make a reservation

The shooting will take place at a privately rented villa in the southern part of Bali, Indonesia. We will update the exact location as soon as it is determined!!

■ About 2 hours of photo shooting, guaranteed delivery of 200 images via web download.
■ Approximately 4 to 5 weeks after the photo shoot, you will receive a URL to download the photos via email.
■ Japanese professionals in beauty, costume, and photography will accompany the shoot. (Communication will be done using a translator device.)
■ The preparation location will be informed as soon as it is decided after booking.
■ No need to bring anything; there’s no worry about forgetting items.

Reservation acceptance date


☑ Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis and will close once slots are filled.
☑ Deadline is June 30, 2024.
☑ Exact times will be finalized through consultation once your reservation is made.
☑ Please make your reservation early as it is on a first-come, first-served basis.
☑ We will meet you on-site, so we ask for a photo of the two of you in advance. Your personal information will not be used for anything other than this shoot, so please rest assured.

About the Costume

You can choose your kimono from our online catalog.
We will send you the online catalog after you make a reservation.

Sample schedule for the day of the shoot

Start of Hair and Makeup, Dressing10:00
Start of Photo Shoot12:30
End of Photo Shoot14:30
Change Clothes & Disband15:00
※The schedule may change depending on the situation or upon consultation.

Our Staff

About Team “OBI”

We, “OBI,” are experts in Japanese-style weddings, aiming to spread the beauty of bridal costumes worldwide. By integrating traditional techniques with the latest designs, we provide memories befitting a once-in-a-lifetime day.

● Our strengths
Fusion of tradition and innovation: Designs that incorporate years of experience with the latest trends.
Use of high-quality materials: We use the finest materials and pay attention to details.
● Future prospects
We aim to be a bridge that conveys and deepens the understanding of Japan’s beauty to customers around the world. Beautiful kimonos are costumes that convey the importance of nature and a sense of gratitude. Let’s offer gentle thanks filled with thoughts for your loved ones.

World KIMONO Weddling -GALLERY-

Here are some beautiful photos from past clients. This is just a small selection. These photos were taken during shoots in Australia, Taiwan, and Cebu. The temperature was around 27°C at the time, but there were no problems wearing the kimono.

Happy comments from participants

I was truly impressed by the professionalism of the photo team. The attention to detail in the shoot allowed us to have fun, relax, and enjoy the special moments. The photo data arrived quickly after the shoot, making it a lifelong memory.

This photo shoot has become a lifelong memory for us. It was our first time being photographed in Japanese attire, but the staff were very kind and made us feel comfortable from start to finish. All the photos taken are beautiful, and we will cherish them forever.

On the day, I experienced being dressed by a professional kimono dresser. The kimono was very beautiful, with detailed decorations, and I was completely satisfied with the one I chose. The hairstylist also listened to my wishes and created a hairstyle that was both traditional and modern.

While planning the trip, I booked the kimono photo wedding online. The staff was prompt and courteous, and I was able to approach the day without feeling any language barriers, which was reassuring.

Let’s combine travel and photography to spend a unique and special time in the world.

We look forward to meeting all of you. If you are interested in a photo session, please contact us at the following ↓ with the subject “Bali Photo Session”.