Let’s have a photo shoot wearing traditional Japanese bridal KIMONO. A group of professionals who make Japanese brides will travel to Adelaide, Australia, and completely produce everything from preparation to photography. Kimono, beauty, photography, you can leave everything to us. We offer the perfect Japanese bridal style.


The location of the photo shoot is Adelaide.  We are looking forward to visiting.


Japanese kimonos have many happy meanings. For example, there are patterns of cranes, peonies, clouds, and pine trees.
It is said that just by wearing such a kimono, a bride will be happy.
Let’s celebrate the happy beginning of a new life with the bride’s kimono, the pride of Japan.


Plan Details

Shooting Date
・December 21, 2022(Wednesday)
Limited to the first 1 couple
・December 22, 2022 (Thursday)
Limited to the first 1 couple

・2022年12月21日(水) 先着1組限定
・2022年12月22日(木) 先着1組限定

*After making a reservation, you will receive an email for payment.
*No refunds will be accepted after payment has been made. Please be aware of this.


・Bride’s Kimono *Stylist’s Choice.
 Size range *Japanese sizes up to size 13 *Australian sizes up to size 12
・Bride’s hair set, make-up and dressing *Japanese hair and make-up artist
・Shooting fee and shooting data / delivery of approx. 100 photos (delivered by web download)
・We will send you the URL to download the shooting data by e-mail in about 3 to 4 weeks after the shooting.
・We will accompany you to the photo shoot.
・The place of preparation will be notified after the reservation.
・No need to bring anything

・花嫁着物 スタイリストチョイス
 サイズ範囲※日本サイズ~13号まで ※オーストラリアサイズ~12まで
・新婦様ヘアセット&メイク&着付け ※日本人ヘアメイクアーティスト

If you would like to have your photo taken, please contact us.
We will provide you with more details.


11:00 A.M.
Start hair, make-up and changing clothes(ヘアメイク・着付けスタート)

13:00 P.M.
Shooting begins (撮影開始)

14:30 P.M.
End of Shooting(撮影終了)

15:00 P.M.
Change of clothes & dismissal(着替え&解散)

*Schedules are subject to change depending on the situation and consultation.

Our Staff